Truenorth - Helping start-ups & SMEs achieve their full potential

Truenorth helps start-ups & SMEs increase their prospects of business success, fund-raising and valuation. It operates as part of its clients' organization, helping in developing & executing effective strategies. Truenorth plays the role of a thinker, a mentor, and most importantly, a doer.

Truenorth believes that investment by customer (in the form of business) is perhaps as important as the investment by an investor. Therefore, it endeavours to bring the first few customers to a start-up. It focuses on developing product strategy that is oriented towards customer’s implicit and explicit needs. It understands client’s strategic positioning, defines value proposition, and identifies most important customer pain points, targets highest value segments in the addressable market, makes the right introductions into those segments, pitches to the customer as part of the team and secures clients for them.

Start-ups go through many stages of evolution, each with its own distinct & specific requirements. Founders have to navigate through these. Truenorth lends them a helping hand. While each firm has its own vision, product, technology & target customer, the management issues are sometimes similar. It offers solutions which are customised to the specific requirements of each start-up, based on the vision, business model, evolution stage, & resource availability.

Truenorth helps start-up imbibe right processes & practices from the start to avoid growth pangs subsequently. The most important resources available with the entrepreneur – people, time & money – are often limited; it is beneficial to take advantage of Truenorth’s experience & abilities.